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What is the best penis lubricants for me?

Let’s face it! Each and every man has in some point jacked off. In fact, we do masturbate all the time. And if you don’t like the act of jacking off, then you should probably think again. There are many positive reasons why one should masturbate.
For starters, research has shown that frequent masturbation while in your early childhood can reduce chances of prostate cancer in future years. This is because when you jack off, you get to clear off the pipes a few times – which is a good thing! There no harm in masturbating on a daily basis, unless you feel a lot of discomfort or pain.Slippery-Sex-is-Good
It helps you enjoy better sex! Your woman enjoys the sex too. When you are a frequent masturbator, then you reduce chances of premature ejaculations when sexing your girl. No one wants to have a ‘sprint’ on a lady! Masturbation helps you feel more calm and relaxed when you are on a date. So, if you want to reduce some tension, just jack off a little and you will be fine.

Relaxation Effect on Masturbation

Additionally, jacking off helps you fall asleep. Just like real sex, masturbation has a relaxation effect on your body. There is nothing better than a smooth sexual stimulation right before you sleep. If you are having a bad time sleeping, then a good masturbation comes in handy. To have the best experience, choose the best lubricant – Slap Happy masturbation cream is a great choice!
Need to learn ways to enjoy better sex? Don’t hassle yourself too much, just take the best water based lube and jack off. It is true that expert masturbators are excellent at enhancing smooth sexual stimulations to their ladies. This is because they know the right places to touch.
Now that you have the reasons why you should clear your pipe, you need to select the best lube. There are several penis lubricants in the market, and this makes it difficult to choose the best lubricant for men. Slap Happy masturbation cream is one of the best penis lubricants for your masturbation. I would suggest it for many reasons. For instance, it has the best ingredients that help reduce friction. With Slap Happy, your penis is safe from irritations. Another plus is the fact that it has got great men sexual stimulation effect. I guess this is what makes it stand out among the best penis lubricants – it smells nice too.

Smooth Masturbation if you have the best penis lubricant

Given that you have best penis lubricant for a smooth sexual stimulation, you will need some tips for a better masturbation. There is the Camp Fire method where you hold your penis and move your hand back and forth. This is a straight forward method, and you will need a penis lubricant to reduce friction. Then we have the Boxer Rubber method. This is where you leave your boxers on, and use your knuckles to rub the penis up and down. This is not only fun but an easy way to jack off. The Mushroom method is another fun way of jacking off. Here, you rub your penis in a circular motion on its head. You will also need the best penis lubricants.



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